How to Ready Your Home for the Market

What do you think the number one spot homeowners who take on a remodel project tackle first?

You guessed it….the kitchen!  According to the California Association of Realtors, homeowners, within their first year of home ownership are 70% likely to remodel the kitchen.  The back or front yard take on a close second place.

So if you are looking to net top dollar for your home, and you are willing to do a bit of sprucing up, take a look at the chart below to see where your best remodeling dollars can be spent.  I have to agree with this survey…the kitchen can be a deal killer for many first time home buyers.  I personally see buyers willing to pay more for a house which has nicely landscaped outdoor “areas” and redone kitchen and bathrooms.  Even in todays competitive San Diego housing market, if a buyer feels he or she has to put money into the home right away, that is an automatic deduction on what they are willing to offer.

If you are wondering where the best place is to put your hard earned dollar, in hopes of achieving the best return, give me a ring today.  I can help!



San Diego Real Estate Economic Recovery

If you think that the status of the San Diego’s housing market is not directly linked to city-wide economic recovery, then think again.  I’m on the inside and see day in and day out the tremendous amount of revenue that goes into each “flip”, each escrow” each closing, each remodel, each long term home ownership and yes, each eventual sale.  But don’t take my word for it.  Look at California’s Association of Realtors chart to help illustrate just house housing dollars are improving the local and state economy. 

The Real Estate Market and Local Economic Recovery

The San Diego real estate market  is a key player in local economic recovery.  And just in case the UT isn’t crystal clear yet, the housing market has been recovering for well over a year now. The bottom was years ago in San Diego.   How do I know?  Well, I only do this for a living.  I’m in the trenchs every day.  I watch the MLS around the clock.   I not only see, but eat and breathe the subtle changes the newspaper and media don’t report to you.  I am a professional, full time San Diego real estate agent.  And I am here to say, don’t wait to jump into what could be one of the best investments of your lifetime.  I give the same advice to my mother.  It’s that solid.  But I’d also tell her, don’t let another month pass you by or maybe it might not be such a good deal in San Diego’s Housing Market.

Go Mom!!

El Cerrito Community Garage Sale is Coming Soon- September 22, 2012

Time to turn your old junk into CASH ;).  The annual ECCC garage sale is September 22, 2012.  Sign up now for as this year is expected to be big!  Last year over 45 households joined in the spirit, cleaned out their garages, had fun getting to know their neighbors and made a little cash!  The cost for participation is $10 and the deadline for entry is Monday September 17, 2012.  You can mail your checks, with your name and address to:  PO Box 151268 San Diego, CA 92175-1268.  The ECCC will be placing a large ad in the Union Tribe on the Friday before the sale and helping to post direction signs on both sides of the Boulevard.  I look forward to seeing you!


Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui 101

Appearing on most major lifestyle magazines and on your favorite DYI show, feng shui has become a household name.  However, in actuality, feng shui is an ancient art that has been practiced for centuries in China.  Meaning “wind” (feng) and “water” (shui).  Feng shui is used by many to create a harmonious home, one that balances love, healthy, wealth and peace.  Its principles, rather strictly practiced, or practiced solely on a casual basis, can often complement any decorating style.  In addition, using feng shui techniques can potentially attract buyers by increasing the perceived value of your home.  The following are a few tips from experts as to how to harness the energy and vitality of feng shui in your home.


  1.  Create peace:  Place your bed to give you the widest view of the room.  Your bed shouldn’t be in direct line with the door.  Add color to your walls in a scheme that is both pleasant and inviting.
  2. Calming sounds:  Hang wind chimes outside your front door, or back patio, to create a soothing environment for arriving guests or long term occupants.
  3. Go with the flow:  Set a black or blue doormat at the threshold of your door to encourage good things to flow into the home, like water.
  4. Plants for energy:  In addition to bringing you joy, plants can generate healthy, positive energy.  Always plant live, living plants around your home.  When they die, be sure to pull them out immediately.
  5. Less is more:  Too much clutter can restrict the potential of a great room.  When arranging furniture, less is better.  This is especially true for homes on the market.
  6. Create positive impressions:  Keep countertops, closets and all living areas clean and free of clutter.  This creates a stress-free environment for you and all your guests (or potential buyers).   A well-ordered kitchen is the heart of a healthy home.
  7. Look overhead: Move beds, sofas, desks and tables from under any overhead beams to keep energy flowing.
  8. Writing on the wall:  Avoid having completely bare walls.  Group non-personal pictures or hang interesting art pieces in a diagonal or staggered pattern.  Art on the walls creates interest and helps to define space.
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