Is Now a Good Time to Buy Real Estate?

Just in case you haven’t heard, owning a peace of the American dream has never looked better.  Here in San Diego, and all throughout the California, real estate is at historic lows with very, VERY attractive interest rates. 

The chart below, provided by California Association of Realtors,  tracks median home prices in California since 2010 to current and pairs prices side by side with interest rates.  As you can see, interest rates as well as statewide median home prices have never been lower. 


If you are on the fence wondering if you should purchase a home for the first time or a second investment property, give me a ring and let’s chat over a cup of coffee.  While most of the time it makes sense to purchase, verses renting, there are some situations when it does not.  I promise to always give you sound, honest advise that is best for you! 


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