San Diego Real Estate Available Inventory

Many of my buyers are shocked and frustrated at the challenges they go through to actually get into escrow on in the San Diego Real Estate Housing Market.  Why is it so hard?  The question often transcends how well qualified buyers are or how much they are putting down, but relies more simply on the available inventory of homes for sale here in San Diego. 

Surprisingly, we are at a historically very low point.  The graph below, provided by the San Diego Associations of Realtors, illustrates just how low we are on available homes for sale here in San Diego. We are at 1.3%…..that’s exactly 1.3 months supply of available homes for sale.

For many years sellers have been hearing it’s a “buyer’s market” and selling your home will not result in top dollar.  However, this is no longer the case.  Most every home in San Diego’s real estate market experiences multiple offers.  There is that much demand!  With 1.3 months of available inventory for sale, it technically is a seller’s market.  So I ask all seller’s out there, what are you waiting for?  There has never been a better time to sell your house in San Diego.  Don’t wait for the UT to print an article on the fact.  Stay ahead of the curve.  Capitalize on the pent up demand and low interest rates! 

What are you waiting for????

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