San Diego Real Estate Economic Recovery

If you think that the status of the San Diego’s housing market is not directly linked to city-wide economic recovery, then think again.  I’m on the inside and see day in and day out the tremendous amount of revenue that goes into each “flip”, each escrow” each closing, each remodel, each long term home ownership and yes, each eventual sale.  But don’t take my word for it.  Look at California’s Association of Realtors chart to help illustrate just house housing dollars are improving the local and state economy. 

The Real Estate Market and Local Economic Recovery

The San Diego real estate market  is a key player in local economic recovery.  And just in case the UT isn’t crystal clear yet, the housing market has been recovering for well over a year now. The bottom was years ago in San Diego.   How do I know?  Well, I only do this for a living.  I’m in the trenchs every day.  I watch the MLS around the clock.   I not only see, but eat and breathe the subtle changes the newspaper and media don’t report to you.  I am a professional, full time San Diego real estate agent.  And I am here to say, don’t wait to jump into what could be one of the best investments of your lifetime.  I give the same advice to my mother.  It’s that solid.  But I’d also tell her, don’t let another month pass you by or maybe it might not be such a good deal in San Diego’s Housing Market.

Go Mom!!

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