2014 Real Estate Housing Market Forecast

Each year the California Association of Realtors, also known as C.A.R., puts out their annual housing market forecast.  The research is complied and analyzed by C.A.R.’s chief economist Leslie Appleton-Young and is scrutinized by thousands of professionals; Realtors, mortgage officers, banks as well as consumers.  This years (2014) prediction comes with mostly cheery news.  

Recovery Trend in Real Estate

Recovery Trend in Real Estate

Let’s home we finish the year with continued growth, strength in our marketplace and increased tools to help those struggling/underwater homeowners.  Here are some of the highlights:

–  the average 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate is predicted to rise to 5.3%

–  the California median home price is predicted to increase 6% to $432,800

– distressed sales will continue to decrease to less than one in five (primarily due to the gain in home prices)

–  inventory will gain as many underwater homeowners will once again have enough equity to sale

–  home prices will increase moderately

– investor owned sales will decrease as bargain properties are fewer and far between

– unemployment will drop to 7%

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